Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe the pressure is off me?

After the first week, students have yet to respond to my posting (initial blog spot) regarding last week's class.  A quick review and some inspiration were posted, the goal is a desire to develop content in line with 'feedback' therefore leading to more effective communication to result in their finalized works.  My contention, or thesis, is that interactivity 'potential' exists and this class stands to formulate a concept of what content and direction are available for such development to occur.

I. Establish a form of 'open' dialogue through interpersonal communication with the students (in class).  Student Input is encouraged in their formulating a direction.  The way I see it, inspiration is a lost  art for most educators and students.  I am proposing the following items for consideration: Creativity, Conceptual, and Content (over context).
  • Creativity - based on a 'theme' means effective problem solving, knowing what is at your disposal, could be a consideration of the crisis at hand (ie "an ability to put out fires").
  • Conceptual - are the ideas and inspirations that form out of creativity (ie "a direction", "plot").
  • Content over Context - stresses that what we choose to say, our direction, our premise, our argument, is more important that how we say it through the visual means at our disposal.
We will begin the process of consideration for content in the following manner (steps to fulfillment of an idea).  The following is taken from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).  Based on the introduction of our 'theme' our 'template' in the preliminary stage (1st day of class), students are to execute the following stages over the course of the next seven weeks:
  • Stage 1: Proposal stage (new work item proposal - 'your plot', your direction)
  • Stage 2: Preparatory stage (develop/submit a working draft using the storyboard/needs?)
  • Stage 3: Committee stage (a critique of your proposal by your classmates)
  • Stage 4: Enquiry stage (a more refined 'draft' or preliminary finalization of your work)
  • Stage 5: Approval stage (a second critique of your work)
  • Stage 6: Publication stage (submitting work online / may require some 'tweaking')
Reference for each of these 'paragraphs' for the following items at:


  1. To challenge the content in this class, I am encouraging your comments to be posted online. Followers will get 'updates' whenever someone makes a posting or I update this blog. I will cover this tomorrow (Wednesday) when we discuss how this class will be 'graded' based on the two sheets (rubrics) I handed you last week. A.

  2. How do I make an I-movie become a youtube video?