Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week 4 - "There's so much to I've learned"
(. . . and so much yet to learn)

(from week 4 comments) . . . Seriously, you'll go nuts. Look for a quick review of class (from week 5) and further review of week 5 to follow by Saturday. So, be sure to check back (for week 6) and 'comment' on anything.
. . . How's this week going, Sharon????

Now on to a review of this and next week for content potential

(NOT optional) Activity 1: .HTML (for Safari) - did anyone look?
Some contextual elements for use in your website development: (A great ‘toolbox’ for exploration)
(look for links to Safari Developer)

Hint: Just be prepared to talk about this on Week 6. Alicia, I encourage the Safari demos site for you.

Question??? Comments??? "What method did you consider to be both good for context (easy enough) and content (a little more difficult)."
Second Question: "Is 'entertainment' content worthy?!!!

(Optional) Activity 2: Review the 'file types' available for output (and 'resolution vs. file size' from week 2's blog). Comments!!!

My personal apologies for the 'technical difficulties' (or, technical foul - since it is football season) in not having checked on Final Cut Pro (access) prior to class last night.

I do want to 'thank you, ALL' for your patience and 'especial' "gracias" to Gabriela for providing the content for last night with her Final Cut 'trailer' edit and her sharing that knowledge with ALL of us. It was a 'workaround'; right, Nadine?

A further review of week 5 to follow... So, be sure and check back with 'comments' on anything...

  • Connor, how's the PC Editing Software? Loading problems??? Let me know.
  • Di Anna, Good work at home with IMovie. Send us a link when you settle on an upload through
  • . . . Same for you, Sharon
  • Gabriela, please bring your DVD (Avid Work) and any 'links' next week (week 6).
  • Nadine, just continue to consider CSS as a 'web page' since your work is also in print.
  • Shell, 'THINK FLASH' and we'll look at anything you have to 'offer' from your professional experience as well as your current rendering (.swf) on Wednesday.
  • Alicia, again - the potential that Safari has to offer in 'programming' will define your webpage, IMovie (of your images), maps to locations (a cool 'tag' for sure) and other opportunities for multimedia development.

    Signing off, for now!!! A great class on Wednesday - Thanks again for all of your support of me and each other...

    (Note: the above is an html edited blog using a simple HTML editor - through

    1. Alex, I have my students creating their own typeface. Do you know how I can go about enabling them to actually be able to type it? They are making the alphabet in Illustrator. Is there a free website for font development that we can upload their designs in order to produce the font for use?
      Thanks, Sharon

    2. Alex,
      Thanks for the weekly recaps. It is nice to also see the additional sites that we can visit.
      D. Richardson

    3. Sharon,

      "Back in the day" there used to be a software called "FontCaster" that would allow you to develop a 'Post Script' font that could then be uploaded to Illustrator, Photoshop, or any software that would allow for this type of function. It is nowhere to be found. You can, however, get a 'freeware' called 'FontForge' that will allow you to work on a Mac and then upload your fonts to your 'font folder'.

    4. Di Anna,

      I appreciate your ability to find time outside of class to not only check this blog for more 'refined' content (when I get a chance to reflect later in the week), and - hopefully come to class (tomorrow) with some questions regarding some of the posted material.

      Were you able to 'link' anything, yet, through YouTube?

    5. I have not had the chance to use the video editing software due to the blue screen of death that my laptop has decided to give me. While I have not benn able to use that program I have been looking through imovie a little more and hope to really get into Final Cut Pro tonight. I will also bring in some new video to work on tonight from my first commercial (I wrote, directed and helped edit it) to play with. See everyone tonight!