Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week 5 - anticipating week 6

I know that I promised you all some content by Saturday for next week's class. What little I'm able to put in these few minutes should be worthy of some reflection (and possible research). There are no comments as to week 5 (last week) blog regarding your content development - so, again, I encourage your comments for each of the bullet points I've assigned you.

There are two 'Activities' that I would like to you consider. I indicated that one of these is optional and the other is not (activity 1). If you are of the mindset to look further into these items, please feel free to post your comments for this week (hopefully prior to Wednesday night's class) in that I may have a chance to look at them and make some considerations for content.

We will be looking at the Flash software for developing our interactive file content (GUI/Graphic User Interfaces), so you will need to be ready with your material: still images, movie files, hyperlinks and some plan for building additional content with lab time in class.

File types we'll analyze ((Click here for some reference content)): .fla (Flash project), .swf (Flash Movie Script), and F4V (which is 'now' the ISO 'standard' for viewing video on the web). Just as .jpg (for digital image stills), .mov (for editing and uploading), now F4V stands to be a file type that we need to understand a little better if we are to truly understand "Multimedia and the Web".


  1. I'll be short on video tomorrow, because my dog chewed completely through my laptop cord yesterday (fun - lucky for him it was unplugged). I may have to start from scratch on video, as I won't get a new cord until next week. I do have some image files I'll bring in that I'd like to use as links to certain marks in my final video. I hope that's enough to work with to learn some more about the Flash interface.
    So, lesson learned: save everything to your flash drive!

  2. "Save Everything" is a mantra of mine and why we're committed to having accessible content via the Internet. Voila! The goal of this class, finally.... I'm having a short epiphany.

    Good luck on the CSS considerations. Here is the link that I wanted to send you at "Brain Jar": (copy and paste - and bookmark).