Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 6 - on to Week 7

One might say that 'epiphanies' only happen once in a 'Blue Moon' (which means about every 2.5 years according to the Mayan Calendar).

I am impressed to say that our class is slowly coming to an end. With two classes to go, I am hoping that this is one of those momentous occasions where an 'epiphany' and a 'Blue Moon' come together.

It is my hope and goal that this week we have content worthy of a 'lab class'. With this, we are on 'task' to completing a direction. I am going to encourage your bringing together ANY and ALL content that you may have considered worthy of a direction for the 'final project'. Therein my submission of the following recommendations:

- Nadine: I consider your goal of a more 'staid' potential in finding your 'content' is certainly worthy of some documentation. If not; at least a resurrection. (Please find what you need to make next Wednesday a worthy opponent.) I look forward to your being able to edit some video (.mov) files.

- Connor: If content is an issue, just understand that I think your initial proposal has won my vote for a direction. "Keepin' up with 'Finn'(?), I think was the 'little one's' name.

- Shell: Its 'good luck' in future endeavors. Are you changing anything in the original that we all we're appreciative to share in on Wednesday. "Thank you from ALL of us for the content and presentation in Flash".

- Gabriella: Sorry to miss you on Wednesday. We hope that ALL is well with you and your friend. Please bring in your DVD of your content regarding your goal of publishing 'active/streaming links' to a website. (this is my suggestion, only)

- Alicia: Your working with generating a 'still frame movie' appeals to me. Its a good direction that you will have a LOT of potential to utilize later, once you upload it to the Internet. Please consider MUSIC file for a 'background'. Bring in either .aiff (CD-ROM) or .mp3 (online only, IPOD requires a download 'interface' that we don't have rights to.

- Sharon: I am hoping (again) that your week is going well. I would like to see if we could orchestrate an 'upload' of a movie file (ie. your student's animations) as just ONE link that an 'online educational resume' (web site) might be able to generate. I just found a file/link that you should consider on a number of levels (not just for content, but for the 'scripting' involved): (copy and paste as the 'blog' won't allow .html or 'active links'. . .
WAIT!!! What am I saying) You should ALL check this site out for some 'streaming' content. I really appreciate how one (online) movie (right side) links into the next. I'm checking out this code, for sure... (any takers on this as well?)

- Di Anna: You have generated a 'movie' clip that, as mentioned to Alicia, can be utilized in a number of ways. It would be a goal to consider that understanding a variety of 'file types', 'interpolation devices' (eg. YouTube Downloader) can benefit you when it comes to further developing a website based on .html. A handful of 'tags' can get you a long way in developing a website. Let's consider what options are available for a commercial (online) web page and create a product that supports such a direction. I'm seeing something to do with storytelling. Please research 'storytelling' online (as a 'keyword' through a Google 'search engine' or even as a viable resource for research).

I hope you all have enjoyed the content thus far. It is not that I'm without a small 'test' as part of your assessment. Please consider that responding to this site at least 'once' constitutes "a good thing". Otherwise, expect something from these last six weeks to show up in class for some credibility.



  1. Alex,
    Very cool site - I have found some other schools with similar sites that I am interested in the styles -

  2. Alex,
    Thanks. I did a search online for digital storytelling and found to have some interesting information along with some other links.

  3. Diana,

    I liked the resources that this website posted. Quite an ample supply of suggestions and directions for individuals and educators alike. Did you notice the video was 'progressive' and not 'streaming' from an online media resource like YouTube? It took forever to attempt to load on my computer. Ironic, I think, for a website that 'touts' digital storytelling.

  4. Sharon,

    Something to be said for keeping it simple. I think the Aurora, CO website was the one that had the most 'appeal' to me, due to it being generated and organized by the instructor. Each project had good examples and this site, all of these sites, serve as a documentation for student assignments.

  5. I've found out you can upload a Flash file called an .exe file to an open source like YouTube.

    There are also a few other options for publishing video below:

    Stream video with Adobe Flash Media ServerYou can host video content on Adobe® Flash® Media Server, a server solution optimized to deliver real-time media.

    Progressively download video from a web serverIf you don’t have access to Flash Media Server or FVSS, or your video needs are for a low-volume website with only limited amounts of video content.