Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 3 - Recap

Week 3 – Blog entry

It’s been a busy week. My apologies for the last class seeming somewhat limited in its content, but lets examine ‘what’ we were able to consider for content and my suggestions for you regarding your ‘direction’.

I demonstrated various ‘HTML editors’ which include: Dreamweaver, E (text editor), Microsoft FrontPage, HotDog, Homesite, Nvu, Tidy, and GoLive. (Flash’s ‘Action Script’ which includes templates for setting up individual elements (eg. buttons) and larger, more intricate items such as multimedia interfaces.  Please read the following very hand Wikipedia reference regarding HTML editors (

  • Example found on Week3/PortfolioTemplate/PortfolioAlex.fla *rendered as an .swf file for viewing in browser or future upload/download potential)
  • Additional considerations were given to a “GoLive” HTML file, posted under Week3/UsingGoLive.html which accesses the portfolio images by category (Week3/PortfolioTemplate) in its scripting.
  • All of the content for these two HTMLs (underlined) is in your Week3 folder
  • The two HTMLs rendered utilize the 'tags': (a href=”image.jpg”) for a ‘hyperlink’ or (img src=”image.jpg”) for image link.
  •  Once rendered from the software these HTML scripts are fully editable in a plain ‘Text Editing’ software such as Macs “Text Edit” or a PCs “Notepad”.
The second part of our class included an exercise in analyzing a ‘movie trailer’ for: transitions, titles, sound, music and other special effects that we may consider including in our own video editing of our final project.  Emulation is often the solution out of a consideration of time rather than ‘reinventing the wheel’, it may also serve to inspire you in your final project development.

Some of you were able to demonstrate and discuss what direction you’ve started taking in creating your ‘final project’ content.  I applaud your efforts in working on material outside of class.  It seems to be an important element in demonstrating your understanding.  Connor, thanks for taking on the challenge of showing your redo of the script you were provided and taking on the additional duty of context manipulation.  Nadine, I am very impressed with your content development regarding the ‘millenial generation’ and look forward to knowing if interviews are going to be included.

Next week (week 4):
            We will begin delving into ‘movie/video’ content potential utilizing the Mac’s ILife ’09 IMovie and IDVD softwares.  Please consider bringing any video that you want to work with (either burned to a DVD as video content for ‘compression’ / using the following formats: AVI, Quicktime, MPEG-2/3 or MPEG-4.  If you can’t download the file, be sure to bring in the content (including any ‘sound/music’ – rendered in a similar format or on a CD /.aif files can be resaved into MPEG files through GarageBand which is part of the ILife '09 Bundle).

Goals for Week 4's class include:
-       Discussing resolution and compression for recording, editing, and uploading purposes:
-       Documentation (camcorder) Resolutions include: SD, DV, HD, HD1080i
-       We will look at FLV and FV4 for later use in our GUI interface uploads
-       Work with video compression using Adobe’s Media Encoder for editing and export. Compression formats include: MPEG-2/3/4 along with Quicktime and H:264
- is a website for transcoding footage for import into a video editing (non-linear) software.
-       With what we are able to develop next Wednesday in IMovie, expect that we will upload to YouTube for access in our HTML GUIs (using the proper ‘embed’ link).
**Bring your video, sound, music or anything else you want to 'attempt' to incorporate in IMovie.


  1. While doing research, I found this site - thought some might find it helpful.

  2. Sharon,

    I added this to the list of content for this class. Please be sure to bring any video for class (tomorrow), preferably .mov (Quicktime) or .avi (from Digital recording devices) on a CD, DVD or flash drive - if they'll fit.

  3. Hey, if anyone is class is planning to create a online portfolio, I found this tutorial page on Dreamweaver that is helping me a lot. The site also has a list of Web Host.

    Hopefully it can help someone.

  4. I found a short video on what audio file formats are best for Final Cut Pro. It shows how to do it on itunes at least.

  5. Alicia,

    Thanks for the audio tutorials link for Final Cut Pro. I appreciated the link. It certainly adds to my understanding. AIF files are accepted by Final Cut, as the tutorial indicates. These are how most 'old school' CDs provide their audio content. Conversion in ITunes is fairly easy for MP3s, which was a method I was unfamiliar with. Thanks!